Giant results



Giants Results is obsessed with results. Pure & Simple. Using EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® with its simple tools and no theory to get everything you want out of your business.


Top performers, regardless of their industry, don't have better ideas. What they do have is a better system of implementing their ideas. Matt Curry took a 40 year old family business with people issues, profit issues, lack of control issues and overall underperformance and used EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System® to grow from a regional $35M business to a multi-national $70M business. Matt sold the business in 2016 and created Giant Results to coach the EOS® system to entrepreneurs and leadership teams looking for a better way.



  • Are you running your business or is your business running you?

  • EOS Workshop - building EOS tools with your key execs.

  • Special Forum Offering—30 minute EOS/Traction experience share:

    Let’s discuss real world stories of running my high growth company with EOS. In many of our businesses we have frustrations with control, profit, people, hitting the ceiling and sometimes nothing’s working! Let me share how my experience with executing today’s business and building tomorrow’s business at the same time so I could get what I wanted out of my business. Let’s have a fun and energizing 30 minutes together!


Matt Curry | 503.705.7347