Get Juiced!
A Letter from the President

Photo credit:  Mark Zamora .

Photo credit: Mark Zamora.


greetings, fellow eo members,

My name is Jenelle Isaacson, and effective June 1st I am currently serving as your Board President. I am asking you all to Get Juiced for an amazing year!

EO Portland is truly thriving. As I have visited forums and served in various board positions over the past few years, I’ve heard from so many of you about the special, yet-untapped potential of our membership. In fact, in a recent survey, the number one thing our members cited as the highest value of EO is the wisdom and experience of their fellow members.

As I considered how to build upon all we’ve accomplished as a chapter, an image came to mind. Imagine squeezing half a lemon into your glass by hand — fresh, bright, summery juice. So satisfying! Yet if you’ve ever seen a mechanical juicer at work, you know what a surprise it is to see how much more juice comes from that same half-lemon. I envision EO Portland moving forward as a community that’s surprising each other every step of the way, getting every drop of goodness out there, utilizing every dollar and every leader to its highest potential to create big impact in each other’s lives as well as our employees, friends, and our city.


I want each of our members to feel satisfied that they squeezed all the juice out of their membership. With Julian Pscheid at the helm of finances for the past two years, we have had an amazing steward of our chapter’s resources, ensuring we are using them wisely and getting the maximum juice out of each membership dollar. We are sending all members an annual report by mail to ensure that chapter finances are transparent to every member equally, and you can read and understand all the ingredients that make up your bottle of EO juice.

We are looking forward to learning events that are juicy and leave you juiced! All year long, we will be pushing to bring new speakers and voices to help us open our minds toward innovation and creative problem-solving as well as skill-building. To help make sure your employees, families, and partners bring juicy enthusiasm back to your work and home, we will be offering opportunities throughout the year for them to enjoy various events, as well as investing in our Executive Forum and Partner Forum programs. At learning events, you will see that our master of ceremony, Scott Simon of Voicebox, will be ensuring that we are hearing from all the voices in the room and creating an inclusive space for all participants, and we want your family, friends, and colleagues to feel that welcome in person. We want your larger community outside of EO to be juiced about your involvement in EO and what positive possibilities for growth and success that can mean for them, too.

Get juiced and excited to show off our beautiful city to our EO region as we host Alchemy this year in September! This is an incredible opportunity to host the largest regional EO conference in our own backyard. We have an amazing lineup of speakers and once-in-a-lifetime experiences put together by the volunteer Alchemy committee headed by former EO President Celeste Trapp. Celeste’s unique juice is hosting unforgettable events and experiences, and I’m proud to see her do it on a regional level!


At the core of each of us is the entrepreneurial spirit of a determined person who is looking to make a mark on their community. It’s not the peel we come in, but the juice inside. EO is the place we all get to come and focus on this juice that makes us unique. As we drive recruitment, we will continue to expand our reach into entrepreneurial communities with rich and varied experience and backgrounds. As always, your board is committed to maintaining the rigorous qualification standards of membership. Like any fantastic juice, it’s about quality and flavor.

As our year begins, my focus is to facilitate more experiences among members with each other. We will be doing a different type of retreat this year: no outside speakers, just our own members sharing their stories, experiences we can all learn from, and experiences to get to know each other more deeply. This year, we have an all-star lineup for Alchemy and lots of visitors and guests, so this take on a chapter retreat will be a new chance to really take in the flavor and richness of our own membership. 

Do you have a Forum member you get a lot of juicy words of wisdom from? Do you or a fellow member have skills or experiences you think the chapter would love to hear from? Let me know!

I’m ready to squeeze out one of the richest, most adventurous, daring, joyful, and mind-expanding years to date. Grateful to be creating this juice recipe with all of you!

In joy + gratitude,
Jenelle Isaacson