What is MyEO?

Endless possibilities

Do you have a personal passion to share? Passions drive the creation of MyEO Events, Groups, and Forums.

We are an organization of over 14,000+ entrepreneurs drawn together by our core values and united around our passions. MyEO empowers members to connect with fellow EOers around the globe, either by hosting an experience or participating in one.

Members host MyEO Events, form MyEO Groups, and create personalized MyEO Forums geared toward their unique interests. It’s about self-selection, increased global choice, and members making a mark. Personalize your EO experience through MyEO; the possibilities are endless!


MyEO Events are tailored toward your passions — including family, lifestyle, business, adventure, bucket list, and social enterprise. Through the MyEO platform, EOers can either participate or champion new events.

Event examples: Alaskan Ice Fishing, Discover Shanghai, 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival VIP Experience, EO Outreach: Feed the Homeless, Journey to Borneo, and so many more!


Take your EO experience a step further – engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion, or lifestyle. MyEO Groups allow you to create groups using existing social media platforms, like Facebook and Google Groups, and promote them in a central location only visible to EO members.

Group examples: Real estate, retail industries, green technology industries, scuba diving, motorcycling.


Join special Forums based on passion, geography, industry or other common interests. Based on EO Forum rules and best practices, MyEO Forums meet regularly to connect peers locally, regionally, and globally.

Forum examples: Latino Bridge Forum, Families with Autism Forum, EO Social Enterprise Forum, Hospitality Industry Forum, Cannabis Industry Forum, Speakers Club.