Exclusive access to our global community online

Members can access EO’s global community 24 hours a day, seven days a week through EO Network, a members-only website that allows you to participate in virtual communities based on your interests, search the global online membership directory to find like-minded members, access audio and video content from past learning events, and much more.

  • Connect to other members inside and beyond your chapter

  • Traveling? Reach out to EO members in other chapters or complementary industries using the global directory

  • Find out about chapter events around the world that you can attend while traveling


Your access to centers of medical excellence

Connecting members to the best health care and counselling in the world through alliances with top centres of medical excellence, the Healthnetwork Foundation offers members peace of mind.

Addictions. Mental health needs. Illnesses. Injuries. If you face any of these personal challenges, EO can help through our relationship with the Healthnetwork Foundation.

Available for members and immediate family members. Plus, an option to include your key executives as well.

Visit healthnetworkfoundation.org for detailed information.

Exposure for your business

Reporters from around the world come to EO for expert business perspectives. PressPass connects you to these opportunities to gain exposure for you and your business. Current members can click here to get started.