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The Faces of Marketing Podcast

The Faces of Marketing podcast, hosted by EO Portland member, and Thesis Founder, Ryan Buchanan, explores the human stories, careers, and lives of different people and their perspectives at all levels of the marketing + creative profession. The following interviews with EO Portland members dive deep into how people grew up and the formative experiences that shape who they are today.

Faces of Marketing with Ana Chaud, founder of Garden Bar

Ana Chaud, Founder of Garden Bar is a shape-shifting force of nature. She danced her way through her childhood, growing in independence while navigating the bustling streets of São Paulo, Brazil. The veggies her mother gave her to snack on would later inspire her to open what is now one of Portland’s fastest-growing fast casual food chains.


Faces of Marketing with Farhad Ghafarzade, founder of Green Drop Garage

Farhad is a mix between George Clooney, Elon Musk, and a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug mascot. He is revolutionizing the car repair industry with his company Green Drop Garage and its membership-based model that now has over 1,600 monthly members.


Faces of Marketing with Jenelle Isaacson, founder of Living Room Realty

As a kid, Jenelle Isaacson wanted to be a Punk Rock Nun when she grew up. Part of her wish came true as the lead singer of punk rock band Spread Eagle which naturally led her into being a real estate agent and starting Living Room Realty. Jenelle created a niche with clients who didn't fit the "perfect image" mold.


Faces of Marketing with Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3

Intentions become Thoughts become Things. After moving 13 times in the first 8 yrs of her life, Sadie Lincoln grew up on a commune in Eugene, Oregon. At 21 years old, she had a vision of becoming a teacher of teachers in the fitness and wellness world. A dozen years later, that vision became barre3 - creating a movement of 100,000+ women in 98 countries around the world.


Faces of Marketing with Su Embree, President of DHM Research

Su 'Data Queen' Embree became President of DHM Research 20 years ago and recently co-founded a non-profit called Emerging Leaders that is creating pathways to leadership for professionals of color from college to company executives. When Su was 10 yrs old, she wanted to be 3 things - a Spy, an owner of a B and B, and a CEO. She's on her way!


Faces of Marketing with Jill Nelson, founder of Ruby Receptionists

Learn how one of Oregon's top entrepreneurs, Jill Nelson - founder/CEO of Ruby Receptionists, overcame some significant challenges in high school to run a 500 employee company that is one of the nations' Best Companies to Work. 


Faces of Marketing with Augusto Carneiro, founder of Nossa Familia Coffee

Augusto Carneiro, founder and CEO of Nossa Familia Coffee, which is Oregon’s first B-corp coffee roaster. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, but spent his free time with extended family at their coffee plantation in the Brazil highlands. He began his career as an engineer but his passion was to connect his vocation with family — leading him to import coffee from his family’s farm in Brazil and Nossa Familia Coffee was born.


Faces of Marketing with Justin Riordan, founder of Spade + Archer

Justin Riordan, the founder and mastermind behind the world's first ever Guaranteed home staging company called Spade and Archer, shares openly about his life journey and entrepreneur journey and gives some old school marketing tips of bringing it back to milk and cookies. Listen in to hear about 2018—a year that brought personal and professional challenges—and a tremendous amount of growth.


Faces of Marketing with Kali Thorne Ladd, co-founder of KairosPDX

Kali Thorne Ladd is one Portland’s most dynamic social entrepreneurs. She is co-founder and Executive Director of KairosPDX, which started as a charter school in North Portland, primarily for kids of color and started a movement in Portland for delivering equitable education for underserved kids, their families and the community. 


Faces of Marketing with Jessi Duley, founder of BurnCycle

Jessi Duley is pure energy and a badass entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of BurnCycle and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Jessi has created a diehard following of melt-your-face, ride-or-die workout customers who live and breath BurnCycle. In the first 3 years of the company, she opened a new location at the same time as giving birth to each of her 3 kids. 


Faces of Marketing with Mark Bitterman, founder of The Meadow

Mark Bitterman, founder of The Meadow and eponymous Bitterman Salt Co., is at the forefront of the artisanal food movement. His blending of premium craft goods and masterful storytelling create not just exquisite products but meaningful experiences and relationships within his devoted customer base.